Here We Are

Title: Here We Are
Author: Sibyl Moon
Fandom: Teen Wolf/Criminal Minds Fusion 
Genre:  Fusion, Romance, 
Relationship: Derek/Stiles
Beta: Grammarly
Alpha Reader: EphemeronID
Warnings/Rating: Explicit Sex, Canon-Typical-Violence (OffScreen), Discussion-Kidnapping, Not a warning per se but there are no CM characters in this fic. This is a fusion of TW to CM and I did not include anyone other than the CM setting/world. 
Word Count: 8750 words
Summary: Being part of the BAU team is a dream many strive for and Stiles Stilinski has made it. For nearly a year now he’s been on one of the top teams at the FBI. Stiles has plans, he’s dedicated to his job – overly so if you ask his team and he doesn’t have time for romance, no matter how good HRT Agent Derek Hale looks in his gear – or out of it.

Chapter One

“I’m not going.” He refused to look at the man who shared his workspace with him.

“Come on Stiles, you need to get out,” Isaac leaned back in his chair but kept his gaze on Stiles. “All you do is work.”

“I like my job.”

Isaac sighed, sitting up, his chair protesting with a whine. He stood and rounded their desks. His long legs ate up the short distance in a matter of seconds. 

“This job will eat you alive if you let it Stiles and you’re smart enough to know that,” Isaac replied, crossing his arms to lean his hip against Stiles’ desk.

“Maybe, but I’m the new guy on the team and I have a lot to catch up on, There are a number of cases that I need to familiarize myself with-”

“You’re going to tell me that you haven’t used that reading skill of yours to memorize and cateloge all that in the last eight months?” Isaac raised a brow at him. “I’m calling shenanigans.”

“Fuck off,” Stiles said, his mouth twitching with a grin. “Fine, I just don’t like clubbing. At least not since I left college.”

“And when was that?” Peter walked into the conversation, sipping at a mug of steaming coffee, eyes half lidded. “Last week?”

“Peter, charming as always,” Stiles said, turning in his chair and leaning back to look at one of the senior agents on the team. “Did you get a haircut?”


“Really – huh, its looking a little thinner around the edges – interesting. It’s probably the light in here though if you didn’t get it cut,” Stiles said, tilting his head to the side and squinting. He shrugged and turned back to Isaac, his mouth already curving into a grin as Peter reached up to feel at his hair. “I’m still not going.”

“C’mon, it’ll be fun,” Isaac said, grinning at Stiles. “Derek said he’d be there this time and all the other’s are from the team are going too.”

“Why do you think mentioning Derek is going to be the thing that gets me to change my mind? He isn’t even on our team. He’s one of those HRT door kickers you’re always saying have too much testosterone and not enough brains.”

“He’s not wrong,” Peter smirked over his cup, watching the two of them. “They attack a lot of doors and windows and other various inanimate objects.”

“We’re profilers Stiles and none of us are stupid,” Isaac replied, giving him a significant look. “He asked if you were going to be there. Derek wasn’t interested until I swore that you’d be there. Then he was all in.”


“I believe that’s his intention, yes,” Peter replied, amused. “Derek asks about you every time he sees me, and while I believe he thinks he’s being subtle-” Peter shook his head sorrowfully. “The boy wouldn’t know the word if it smacked him in the face. Especially when he wants something.”

“Fuck me.” Stiles put his hands over his face.

Isaac threw his head back and laughed loud enough to attract attention across the bullpen. 

“I have work to do. If you leave me alone until lunch, I promise I’ll think about it okay?” Stiles said, ignoring Peter’s smirk when the other man turned and walked toward the stairs that led to his office. He kept his gaze on Isaac.

“Sure, sure. I’m not letting this go,” Isaac insisted, rounded the desk to sit in his chair again. “You need to get out more.”

“It wouldn’t be a bad thing for you to get out, you know?” Boyd leaned around a stack of files and looked at Stiles.

“Lunch,” Stiles said, his jaw beginning to ache from the way he was clenching his teeth. “And no one brings up Derek Hale.”

“Sure, sure,” Isaac agreed, turning to his computer and hitting a few keys.

Stiles frowned at Boyd, who’d turned back to his work, and when the man didn’t acknowledge him, Stiles returned to the files on his desk.

“Come on it’s time for lunch,” Isaac said a few hours later, pushing back from his computer with a sigh. “I’m feeling like getting out of here for an hour.”

“You always feel like that,” Stiles said, lips curving before he could catch himself. As much as he might be annoyed at Isaac’s pushing him earlier, he did find him to be a good agent and partner. Someone that he’d come to tentatively label as a friend at this point. “Fine, even if I don’t remember promising to come to lunch with you.”

“How else will I know that you’re thinking about tonight? Besides you need to eat something or so I’ve been informed,” Isaac said, jerking a thumb over his shoulder in the direction of their tech’s office. “Erica sent me a notice five minutes ago telling me that if I didn’t bring her back some egg rolls that she was going to revolt.”

Stiles stood, shrugging into his jacket and hooking his badge and gun. He decided not to ask why Erica was texting Isaac instead of Boyd. Even after nearly a year with the unit – and his experience as a profiler – he still couldn’t pin down the relationships between the three of them. He’d decided to stay out of it his second day in the unit, and he was sticking to it – despite his curiosity.

“Can’t have that,” Boyd said, standing and picking up his suit jack from the back of his chair. He slid it on before grabbing his gun from the drawer, sliding it into its holster, and securing his badge. “She’s a pain in the ass when she’s hungry.”

“I heard that,” Erica said, her blond curls bouncing around her shoulders as she stalked into the room, her heels almost clicking on the carpeted floor. Her lips – a petal pink today – curled wickedly as she leaned forward to pluck at something on the arm of his suit. “Well, Hello, Special Agent Boyd. I know your morning was…what did Allison call it after her exchange last year with Interpol? – oh yes, a banger – but how is the rest of your day going?”

Boyd sighed softly, but Stiles swore he saw the faintest mixture of fond exasperation in the man’s expression.

“Are you coming out with us after all, Erica?” Isaac stepped forward, drawing her attention.

“No, I’m running something for Chris and Allison right now and can’t step too far away for very long,” She frowned, shaking her head. “Enjoy your lunch though. I don’t want to speak out of turn, but you might not get a chance to have much of a break for a bit if this falls out like they seem to be expecting.”

“Fuck.” Isaac jerked his tie into place from where he’d loosened it earlier. “I was hoping we’d have the weekend we were promised.”

“Oh honey,” Erica smiled softly, laying a hand on his arm, the dark red of her blouse a bold contrast against his black jacket. “You’re all on standby now after Mulligan’s team ended up with that cult case in Colorado and Johanson had the sadist in Northwest. I’m surprised Chris hasn’t been down to tell you – or at least that he hasn’t sent Peter to inform you. SSA Argent has been on the phone pretty much all morning or requesting more information from me about one case or another.” She flicked her gaze up to the office at the top of the stairs.

“So our weekend is probably cancelled because people are what they are,” Stiles said, buttoning his jacket. “I’d hoped to get some reading done or spend some time tuning up the jeep.”

“You’ve got to let that thing go. It belongs in a vehicle graveyard, just give it a headstone and visit it. I can’t believe you got it out here from California,” Isaac said, shaking his head. “And this isn’t getting you out of tonight. If we don’t get called in, we’re still going out. We’ll just have to have fun with standby rules.”

“So sober. Wouldn’t it be better to put it off until another weekend?” Stiles grinned at him as they all began to walk toward the elevators. He ignored the slander against his jeep. He’d been hearing it since Isaac discovered him working on it a few months before.

“No, we’d constantly be putting things off if we tried to plan around this job,” Erica said, bumping her shoulder against Stiles’. “Just come out with us and have a couple virgin cocktails, enjoy some pretty eye candy and relax for a few hours. Dance away the stress.” She gave a little shimmy as she split off towards her office. “It’ll be worth it, Bambi, I promise.” She pointed a finger at Stiles, walking backward in her sky-high heels before spinning and clicking down the hall, hips swaying in her slim gray skirt.

“The queen has spoken,” Isaac said, stepping into the elevator with a grin. “How can you say no to that?”

“Is it safe to?” Stiles replied deadpan.

“Nope,” Boyd said, hitting the button and stepping back, crossing his arms.

“So you spent the morning with Erica?” Isaac made a humming sound in the back of his throat.

“Really Isaac?”

“I’m just making conversation.”

“You’re stirring up shit,” Boyd said, narrowing his eyes at the other man.

Stiles tried to take a subtle step forward, so he wasn’t directly between the two of them any longer.

“Well that’s what it sounded like to me,” Isaac replied. “It sounded a lot like you spent the night and then the morning with the lovely Miss Reyes. So what I’m wondering-” He coughed and straightened his shoulders. “Why did she text me about our lunch plans and not you?”

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” Boyd huffed, brushing past Stiles when the elevator door opened on their exit.

“You’re not going to get far, my friend. I’m driving,” Isaac called, following him, his long legs eating up the ground.

Stiles followed behind at a slower pace, wondering if he was still hungry or if he could grab something from vending and slip back up to the office.

“What are they fighting about now?” A voice murmured from his left.

Stiles whirled, sweeping over the casually dressed Derek Hale with an assessing look before he met the man’s gaze with a raised brow as he huffed.

“I think you get more enjoyment out of trying to get me to jump than anyone I’ve ever known,” Stiles said, frowning. He nodded at the other man’s attire. “Training or a case?”

“Training.” Derek smiled slightly, showing off a glimpse of white teeth and shifting the duffel on his shoulder as they stood at the lobby doors leading to the parking area. “I heard you’re going out with the team tonight.”

“So did I,” Stiles replied dryly. “I don’t think I’m being given much of a choice. We’re on standby, so I don’t think it will be as wild as they expected it to be, but-” He shrugged.

“You’ll be there then?” Derek frowned, stepping closer to Stiles, his gaze intent. “I was hoping to see you.”

“I wasn’t planning to be originally, but I’ve been persuaded,” Stiles replied, sliding his hands into his pockets and watching Derek. He’d made it a habit not to profile those around him. Stiles had learned the hard way that profiling wasn’t a magic wand when it came to personal relationships or a crutch to lean on.

“Yeah?” Derek grinned, a dimple winking beneath the shadow of his beard. “That’s good – that’s – that’s really good.”

“Smooth,” Jackson Whittmore called from the doors, a matching duffle over his shoulder. “Come on Hale. You can flirt with Bambi later, we’ve got to take care of the baby agents now.”

“You’re headed out with Agent Jackass?” 

Jackson held the door open with one hand and flipped him off with the other. Stiles could really come to hate the HRT team as much as Isaac did if he had to spend too much time around Special Agent Jackson Whittemore. Luckily that didn’t seem likely to happen.

“He’s the best at negotiations,” Derek replied; he grinned and shrugged when Stiles shot him an incredulous look. “He really is. His scorecard is better than anyone else currently at the academy. They pull us for training any time there’s a class large enough, and we’re not slated for rotation.”

“Lucky you,” Stiles replied, grimacing as he followed them into the parking garage. He saw Boyd and Isaac standing next to Isaac’s car, talking; neither looked angry, but it was always hard to tell with Boyd. “Well, it looks like they didn’t leave without me.”

“I’ll see you tonight with the others,” Derek said, laying his hand on Stiles’ shoulder and squeezing gently.

“Uh, yeah,” Stiles said, nodding. He felt himself grow warm. He was going to have to deal with this attraction, it seemed. He couldn’t keep ignoring it, or it would blow up in his face. “I’ll see you then, as long as we don’t get called out.”

“Of course.”

Derek turned and crossed to where Jackson was waiting impatiently a few cars down, and Stiles couldn’t help but watch him go. The man was decked out in tactical gear, and the pants fit the man better than they had any right to. The thigh holster, though – that thing was a crime against humanity.

Stiles shook himself and turned away. He walked over to the other agents and noticed they were watching him. He forced himself not to flush.

Chapter Two

Derek leaned back against the side of his car, fighting back a sigh. The noise from the club still echoed in his head. He reached up and rubbed the edge of his ear. Derek would swear under oath that they were numb. He was having a hard time remembering why he was even here.

“Derek, calling it a night already?” Stiles called, weaving out from between a couple of enthusiastic club goers who were trying to get into the queue line. “Or did you get a call out?”

Derek fought with himself as he had since he’d first laid eyes on Special Agent Stiles Stilinski. It had been the first time he’d been hit with anything close to love at first sight, and it had left him not knowing which way was up more often than not.

That the man was striding towards him in slacks that stretched taut across an ass that dreams were made of and a black button-up that highlighted his broad shoulders and fantastic forearms did nothing to help with the lustful fantasy Derek had about throwing the man into the back seat of his SUV. 

“It was an early morning and I’m more tired than I thought,” Derek said, crossing his arms, wondering briefly why Stiles had followed him out of the club. “Nothing serious.”

“Well, if that’s all.” Stiles nodded, relief washing over his features. Nobody wanted a call out to end their night. “You did give me a good excuse to duck out early myself.” He looked over his shoulder, reaching up to rub his ear, reminiscent of Derek’s move moments before. “As much as I’m for team bonding, I’d prefer to do it someplace else, and I could also do without the matchmaking.”

“So you did notice?” Derek had wondered.

“I’m a profiler, and while that isn’t a magic wand, I’d be a pretty poor one if I couldn’t pick up on what they were doing in there,” Stiles replied with a chuckle. He scrubbed a hand through his hair, disarraying it even more than it had been in the overheated club.

“Then you realize that they weren’t just trying to set you up with-”

“You mean do I realize that they were throwing you at me – or me at you?” Stiles arched a look in Derek’s direction. “Yes, I’m very aware of that. As I said, they aren’t subtle and you went running not long after they started. I would be offended, but I’m pretty sure you don’t hate me.”

Derek swept his gaze over Stiles. Yes, he’d left the club shortly after the BAU team had started their machinations on him. If and when he got together with Stiles, it would be by his own hand and not because someone else pressed their heads together and said ‘kiss.’ He hadn’t meant to hurt Stiles even a little.

“I couldn’t hate you,” Derek said. He reached out, snagging Stiles’ arm and pulling the unresisting man closer. “But I’m pretty sure you know that.”

“I’ve quite possibly inferred it,” Stiles said, his gaze flicking down to Derek’s mouth before meeting his eyes again. “I have a few theories, but you haven’t done anything so here we are.”

“Here we are,” Derek replied, and unable to hold back any longer, he leaned in, kissing Stiles hard, all teeth, tongues, and lips. His hands slid off Stiles’ arms to his hips to draw him in even closer.

Stiles pulled back after a moment resting his head against Derek’s, his hands flat against his chest.

“I have a feeling you’re looking for something more than just tonight,” Stiles said, lifting his head and meeting Derek’s gaze, his tongue flicking out briefly to wet his bottom lip.

“Don’t tell me that you don’t see the potential of what’s between us because I’m going to call bullshit on that,” Derek replied before leaning in and kissing Stiles again, softer this time. Derek made his case silently but persuasively with lips and tongue. Derek’s hands slid up Stiles’ back to hold him close.

“I should probably warn you that I get caught up in work too much and forget things- like how to feed myself – let alone how to maintain a relationship.” Stiles grinned when Derek nipped at his jaw before pulling back.

“You aren’t the only one who gets that way when it comes to the job. While HRT isn’t exactly like the BAU, it does have a way of running my life if I let it.” Derek reversed their positions and pressed Stiles against the SUV. “We can make this work. All I’m asking for is a chance to try – take a chance, Stiles.” Derek grinned at him, crowding Stiles into the car as he used the hand not holding Stiles’ hip to dig the keys out of his pocket.

“Take chance?” Stiles rolled his eyes, but he reached out to snag the front of Derek’s shirt and pull him in, kissing him firmly. “I can do that.”

“Let’s get out of here then,” Derek said, finally getting the keys out of the pocket of his jeans. “My place?”

“Definitely,” Stiles said, smirking as he climbed into the passenger seat, his phone in hand. “I’m going to let the others know I got a ride home or I’ll never hear the end of it and I have no intention of being interrupted later.”

“Good,” Derek said as the door shut. He walked around the vehicle and climbed in, pressing the button to start. Derek looked over at Stiles, meeting his gaze. Derek felt his stomach clench like it had when he’d first seen the man. Only now, Derek could do something about it.


“Come here,” Derek said, reaching for Stiles and kissing him again. Derek cupped the back of Stiles’ head as he dove in to taste the man again. 

Stiles moaned and pushed in closer, even though the angle of the seat made it difficult. Derek felt his blood heat and spark along his spine, he almost suggested that they crawl into the backseat of the SUV, but he hadn’t lost all sense just yet.

“Derek, take me home.” Stiles pulled back, and even in the dimly lit car, it was easy to see how swollen his lips were and the flush on his cheeks.


“And Derek? Hurry.” Stiles said, setting his hand on Derek’s thigh like a hot brand.

Derek put the car in drive, eager to get home as quickly as possible. He wanted his hands and mouth on Stiles – on all of Stiles, and the feeling seemed more than mutual.

Chapter Three

When his back hit the wall, Stiles pulled away from Derek’s mouth with a gasp. He was already drunk on the taste of the man, and they hadn’t even made it into his house yet. 

“Fuck.” Derek hitched Stiles up further on the wall, pressing forward with his body to hold him against the house. He gripped Stiles’ thigh with one hand; the other was fumbling for what Stiles assumed to be the keys.

“Let me down,” Stiles laughed, shaking some sense into his head and pushing back against Derek. He slipped down the wall when Derek stepped back and then reached forward to snag keys that had been digging into his hip. “Your situational awareness could use a bit of work.” Stiles laughed again at the look on Derek’s face.

“I can’t even blame it on booze tonight,” Derek said, taking the keys back from Stiles and grabbing him by the front of his shirt to pull him in for another mind-altering kiss. “Considering we’ve been here for at least ten minutes before you thought to say anything, I’m not going to be mad about it, though.”

“If you think I’m operating under any better mental capacity than you are, you are mistaken,” Stiles said against his lips before nipping at them. “ And a bed would be better than your front door. A lot better.”

“Why is it so fucking hot when you put together sentences like that?” Derek muttered, pulling back after one last kiss. He finally unlocked the door, pulling Stiles into the dimly lit house behind him.

“Do you really want me to analyze you right now?” As Derek shut the door, Stiles was already ridding himself of his shoes and jacket. “I mean, I could tell you all about it if you’d rather spend the evening that way.”

“You have such a smart mouth,” Derek said, crowding him against the door and biting at it before nipping along Stiles’ jaw. Derek’s hands pulled Stiles’ shirt the rest of the way out of the slacks he’d worn to the club earlier. “Fuck, but it’s one of the things I really like about you.”

“That’s fortunate,” Stiles breathed, his head falling back as Derek began to suck at a spot on his neck. “Since I’ve always been this way.”

“C’mon,” Derek said, pausing long enough to pull him out of the entranceway. 

They passed through an open living space, softly lit by lamps on either side of a couch facing a large wall-mounted television. Stiles glanced around curiously, taking in the comfortable, lived-in feel of the place.

“Nice place,” He said, meaning it. Stiles noted the full bookshelves off to the side of the seating area between them. 

“I like it, put a lot of work into,” Derek shrugged as they went up the stairs. He pressed Stiles into the wall at the top of them to kiss him again. “But I don’t really want to talk about that right now.”

“No?” Stiles grinned, rolling his hips against Derek’s. He wrapped his hand around the back of Derek’s neck and pulled him in for a kiss, a heated 

“Fuck, why did it take so long to get here?” Derek nipped at his lips again.

Derek pulled back and took his shirt off, tossing it to the side and crowding back in. He flicked the rest of the buttons on Stiles’ shirt open before smoothing it off his shoulders, humming in approval.

“Neither of us was willing to make a move until tonight,” Stiles said, running his hands down Derek’s back and sliding them around his waist to unbutton his jeans. He slid them down the other man’s hips, briefly palming Derek through his underwear, before pulling them down as well.

“I was waiting until the time was right,” Derek said, his hips thrusting forward as Stiles wrapped a hand around his cock. “Fuck. Wait, wait, wait.”

“Derek?” Stiles looked up at Derek from where he’d begun to kneel, already eager to have his mouth on Derek’s cock. Derek’s hand on his arm had him standing straight again, frowning.

“The top of the stairs isn’t the best place for this, no matter how much I really want to continue,” Derek replied, dimples winking. He slid his jeans off the rest of the way, stepping out of them without a care, tossing them to the side, and reaching for Stiles. “Let’s move someplace more comfortable.”

“Am I finally going to see your bed?” Stiles grinned, his gaze falling on the tattoo emblazoned in the center of Derek’s back. Stiles recognized the triskele from the emblem he’d seen on Peter’s cuff links in the past and other small items. “That’s a Hale symbol, isn’t it?” He let his gaze fall lower as he waited for an answer. Derek’s as was as much a marvel outside his jeans as it had been in them.

“The tattoo? Yeah, goes back a couple of hundred of years,” Derek smirked over his shoulder. “I’m the first one who got it inked though. I’m not sure who shouted the loudest about the sacrilige, Uncle Peter or my mother.”

“You know,” Stiles said, entering the bedroom behind Derek. He waited in the doorway while the other man turned on the bedside lamps. “I should know that you’re not as quiet and all ‘good boy next door’ as you seem at first glance. You’re on one of the top HRT teams and hold your own against Jackson Whittemore. Peter Hale is your Uncle.”

“Yes,” Derek said, slowly striding back across the room towards Stiles and grabbing the waist of his slacks before pressing him against the wall next to the doorframe. “And I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve never been anything but good.” He smirked as he flicked the button open on Stiles’ slacks, chewing on his bottom lip as he drew down the zipper.

“Uh-huh, why do I get the feeling that you’re trouble,” Stiles replied even as he reached out to draw Derek’s lip from his mouth and lean in to kiss him. Stiles felt Derek continue to work his pants off his hips as their mouths and lips moved together.

“Only the good kind, I promise,” Derek said as he pulled back and kneeled to finish pulling Stiles’ pants down his legs. He tossed the slacks to the side. He began leaving a trail of whispered kisses and soft bites as he mapped the skin bared to him.

Stiles arched into Derek’s hands and his mouth, words lost to him momentarily as Derek nipped at a spot inside his hip.

“Fuck, you’re gorgeous,” Derek said, running his hands up the outside of Stiles’ legs to grip his hips. He glanced up at Stiles, meeting his gaze from under long dark lashes. “I’m going to take you apart tonight unless you object.”

“Fuck, yes,” Stiles nodded. “I won’t always be so agreeable, but yes.”

“Oh, I know,” Derek chuckled and kissed the other man on his navel. “I like that about you.”

“You like a lot of things about me,” Stiles said, arching into the searing imprint of Derek’s lips. “For fuck’s sake, Derek, touch me.”

“I like all the things about you, Stiles,” Derek said, smirking as he wrapped a gun-calloused hand around Stiles’ cock, squeezing gently. “I’m enjoying discovering all these new things about you as well. Like the sounds you make when I touch you like this.” He leaned in and licked Stiles from root to tip before wrapping his mouth around the Stiles’ cock. 

“Oh fuck.” Stiles’ head lolled back against the wall as shocks of pleasure washed over him as Derek began to suck his cock like it was his one goal in life. Derek’s beard brushed against Stiles’ skin, adding to the sensations storming his senses.

Derek pulled off moments or hours later; Stiles didn’t know. His mind was lost in the sensations of pleasure. His skin tingling with pleasure and hands buried in Derek’s hair – he had no idea when or how they’d ended up there.

“You’re amazing,” Derek said, skimming his hands along the insides of Stiles’ thighs as he stood before moving up his sides and caging Stiles in on either side of his head on the wall. “The fucking sounds you make. One of these days, I want to spend a whole day with you in bed just to see everything I can get out of you.” 

Derek’s gaze was intense, almost entirely black. His lips are swollen and red. There was a soft sheen of sweat on his chest. He looked nearly as debauched as Stiles felt.

“I’m not against it,” Stiles replied, pressing his hand on Derek’s chest, needing to touch the man. “Take me to bed, Derek. I don’t know what’s going on between us, but it’s fucking intense. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to remain standing, and while I’m all for being held up against the wall-”

“Not tonight,” Derek agreed; he leaned down, kissing Stiles gently before pressing soft kisses down his cheek and along his jaw. Derek’s hands moved from the wall to Stiles’ shoulders as he nipped at his ear briefly before backing up. “The bed is better for what I want to do to you tonight.”

Stiles nodded, the intensity he’d felt earlier had eased some, but he was still awed by how quickly he’d been overtaken by it. It was a feeling he was eager to replicate as soon as possible. He stepped around Derek as soon as the man moved back.

“I look forward to it,” Stiles said, smirking over his shoulder, ruffling a hand through his hair. “I hope you know I have a few plans of my own though?”

“I look forward to it,” Derek mimicked with his own smirk, leaning back against the wall, watching Stiles for a moment before following him in a few quick strides. “No one would expect you to be passive in anything if they spent more than thirty seconds with you.”

“Ha! I’m going to take that as a compliment, but you’re not exactly correct,” Stiles turned to face Derek beside the bed. “Quite a few people mistake my professional personality for passivity more often than I would wish.”

“That’s their mistake and it will bit them in the ass.” Derek shrugged. “Nobody on your team does though, right?”

“Not anymore,” Stiles replied, smirking. “At least they, for the most part, but I’m still new and not as entrenched yet.”

Derek nodded, then cupped the back of Stiles’ neck to draw him into a searing kiss.

“Let’s stop talking about work and other people, huh?”

“Good plan.” Stiles murmured against his lips.

“That isn’t even the first step of my plan,” Derek said, smirking again.


“Nope.” Derek turned them and reached behind Stiles to toss the blankets on the bed aside before gently pushing the other man onto his back. “This is step one.”

“Huh, I’m going to withhold judgement for now,” Stiles said, arching a brow at Derek as he made himself comfortable. “This isn’t terribly exciting and I’m feeling a little neglected to be honest.” He reached down, wrapping a loose hand around himself – just a tease.

Stiles watched Derek move around the room, opening the nightstand drawer next to the bed and pulling something out. He tossed it onto the bed; Stiles glanced to the side and saw a bottle of lube and condoms.

“Such a smart fucking mouth,” Derek replied, climbing onto the bed, bracing himself over Stiles, grinning down at him. “And a fucking tease.”

Stiles laughed as he moved his hand to run up Derek’s side.

“I should be questioning why this is so easy with you I suppose, but I’m really not interested in that right now,” He said as he cupped the back of Derek’s neck to bring him down for a kiss that went from sweet to intense almost as soon as Derek’s mouth settled over his.

“We fit. I knew we would,” Derek said; he rolled his hips. He grinned as Stiles arched into the movement giving a choked-off moan. “Now, let me see what other sounds I can get from you as I move on to the next steps in my plans.”

“Fuck.” Stiles’ hands gripped at Derek’s arms as Derek began to shift down his body, trailing his lips along Stiles’ jaw and throat. Stiles’ eyes fluttered shut.

“Oh definitely,” Derek laughed as he pressed a kiss into Stiles’ chest. He trailed a kiss first to one nipple, giving it a nip with sharp teeth before sucking it into lave with his tongue. He moved to the other, giving it the same attention.

Pleasure fell over Stiles in a honeyed wave. Each press of Derek – his mouth, hands, body- was a storm washing over him, drawing him into an ocean of unfathomable ecstasy. 

“Derek, please,” Stiles said as he clutched the sheets, arching up as Derek bit at the spot near his hip again. “Touch me, fuck, please.”

“You’re amazing,” Derek said, his voice hushed. There was the click of a container and the rustle of the covers as Derek moved. “Fuck you look like a fucking fantasy laid out like that.”

“Yeah? You’re getting top marks there yourself,” Stiles said, grinning up at Derek. His entire body was alight, and he couldn’t help but make little rolling motions with his hips, like a sailor walking on land after a long tour. “But if you don’t do something immediately, I’m going to take matters into my own hands.”

“Well, we can’t have you feeling neglected,” Derek said with a grin of his own. 

Derek trailed a couple of fingers down Stiles’ cock. A touch that was slick with lube, cool against the heat of his skin. Stiles shivered and bit his lip as Derek continued on, his hand moving over Stiles’ balls briefly before they pressed lower.

“For fuck’s sake, Derek, please.” Stiles tried to press himself back against the faint touch of Derek’s fingers. He was reaching for his cock when Derek stopped him, and Stiles moaned.

“I’ve got you,” Derek said, wrapping his own hand around Stiles’ cock and giving it a couple of strokes, slicking the way. 

“Jesus.” Stiles watched Derek with wide eyes. “C’mere.” He reached for the man, suddenly needing to get his lips or hands on him.

Derek leaned over, and Stiles gripped his shoulder, pulling him in until their mouths met hot and hard. The fire they’d been building steadily between them exploded into an inferno, shocking them both with its ferocity. Both of them pulled back with a gasp before diving back in. 

Stiles flicked his tongue against the roof of Derek’s mouth and felt the man shiver against him. He hooked a leg around Derek and rolled them until he was on top of the man.

“Goddamnit, I had a plan.” Derek pulled back, looking up at Stiles, his eyes dark with passion. 

“I told you I had my own plans, besides you take too long,” Stiles said, feeling around the bed for the bottle of lube, sighing in relief when he found it and one of the condoms. “Now I’m going to ride you.”

“Well plans are made to be adjusted,” Derek said, his brows arched, even as his hips jerked at Stiles’ words. “But hand me that, I still want to prepare you – unless you have any objections.”

“Not unless you’re going to continue to delay,” Stiles said, handing over the bottle.

“No, no more delays or detours,” Derek said; he tapped Stiles’ hip. “Turn around for me, please.”

“So polite,” Stiles smirked as he shivered and moved, kneeling over Derek’s chest. He realized that it put Derek’s cock in the perfect position for his mouth. He leaned forward just enough to wrap one hand around the base and then close his lips around the head before sliding his mouth down.

“Holy Mary Mother of God, Stiles!” 

The hands on Stiles’s hips pressed tight enough to bruise as Derek shuddered underneath him. Stiles could feel Derek fighting to keep himself from thrusting up into his mouth. Stiles moaned at the thought of Derek fucking his throat, even knowing that wouldn’t be happening tonight, and felt Derek shudder and moan again.

“Fucking hell,” Derek said breathlessly behind him, his grip loosening from Stiles’ hips as Stiles settled in a rhythm. “If I was feeling vengeful I would press my tongue right here and give you your own surprise.” 

A moment later, Stiles felt a thick finger slick with lube pressing into him. He pulled off of Derek as he pushed back into it.

“If you putting your tongue in my ass is an act of vengeance for a blowjob – that’s not exactly a deterrent, you know?” He tossed a smirk over his shoulder before returning to Derek’s cock. 

“Then I guess we’ll both have an awesome night,” Derek said, his breath picking up as he continued to press his fingers into Stiles. “Fuck, you take my fingers so well. You’ve taken three already, Want another?”

“I want your cock,” Stiles said; need began to claw its way through his skin as the inferno that had been temporarily banked began to reignite higher than before. Instead of a bonfire, it was a volcano, magma flowing hot and heavy in his veins. “C’mon, Derek. I’m ready.”

“Yeah, fuck yeah.” Derek removed his fingers, leaving Stiles feeling empty and needy.

Stiles grabbed the condom and opened it, sliding it onto Derek’s cock. He stroked Derek’s cock a couple more times, just to feel Derek shudder under him before moving. He wanted the man as desperate as he was. 

Derek settled himself against the wall, and Stiles forced his gaze to stay on Derek’s as he sank onto the man’s cock.

“Look at you, fuck. Look at you,” Derek said, wide-eyed.

“So fucking good, god- you fill me up so -” Stiles felt his mouth fall open as his ass fell flush with Derek, and he stilled for a moment. 

“Fuck, god-fucking-damnit!” Derek’s head hit the wall, his hands gripping Stiles’ hips.

Stiles braced himself and began to move – slowly at first and then faster. He chased after the pleasure that just kept building. Words and sounds poured from him until he couldn’t keep track any longer.

“You’re gorgeous like this, I knew you would be, fuck,” Derek said in awe. “Come on Stiles, come on.” Derek wrapped his hand around Stiles’ cock and began to stroke him.

“Derek, fuck.”

Everything began to whiteout at the edges, and Stiles started losing his rhythm as his legs began to shake. He tried to hold on to the feeling just a little longer -to stay lost in the pleasure with Derek, but the immensity of it was too much.

“Come for me Stiles, let go.”

Stiles arched as he came, the word an iridescent white at the edges. Pleasure so intense it was almost painful ricocheted through his body from his fingertips to the top of his head.

Stiles felt himself rolling and Derek thrusting, which intensified and drew out the feeling; he arched into Derek, moaning for more – needing more. He wasn’t ready to be empty yet.


“Fuck, Stiles!”

Soft darkness washed over him, and he surrendered to it, knowing he was safe in Derek’s arms.

Stiles blinked, coming back to himself slowly in the darkness of the bedroom. Derek had turned the lights off and draped a thin blanket over them while he’d been out.

Half curled into Derek’s side, his head resting on the other man’s chest, Stiles felt Derek’s words almost before he’d heard them.

“Back with me?” Derek’s arm tightened around Stiles’, almost as if Stiles would flee now that he was awake again.

“Yes, wow,” Stiles said, shaking his head a little as he sat up. A bit of light was coming in from the window and the hall, so he could just make out Derek’s face. “I don’t normally do that after sex – then again, sex isn’t usually that-” He flailed about, his gaze moving about the darkened bedroom. He noticed that his phone was on the nightstand – charging. Apparently, he’d been out longer than he’d thought. 


“Something like that,” Stiles agreed.

“Boyd was telling us tonight that you’ve been pulling all-nighters all week as well,” Derek said; he smiled – a flash of white in the dim light. “No judgment, but that might have a bit to do with it too.”

“You’re not mad.” Stiles tilted his head as he studied Derek. It wasn’t a question.

“No, that was some of the best sex I’ve ever had and I have a feeling its only going to get better with you.” Derek sat up, the dark blanket falling to his waist as he reached for Stiles. “I told you, I want a relationship with. I meant it, this part is easy enough – for both of us it seems. Let’s keep going, huh?”

Stiles continued to study him. Derek wasn’t wrong; he had been putting in a lot of time at work – not just this last week but all the weeks since he’d arrived at the BAU. This thing with Derek would get in the way of that if he let it, which wasn’t necessarily bad. If he could learn to balance it, but Stiles was shit at balancing. It didn’t mean he didn’t want to try.

“I’m not very good at balancing – actually I’m shit at it.” Stiles replied.

“You won’t be alone,” Derek said, reaching for him. 

“Yes, that’s true I suppose.” Stiles smiled and kissed Derek, pulling him down into the bed for another round, one where he wouldn’t pass out right after.

Chapter Four

“I already have plans.”

“You never have plans.” Isaac tossed another file onto the desk. “When are they going to stop giving us these things and move to a fully automated system?”

“So you can complain about having to stare at the tiny print on a screen all day?” Stiles grinned at him over his own file. “Also, I do have plans and they don’t involve going out with you tonight to a bar for drinking and dancing.”

“C’mon Stiles,” Isaac rounded the desks to lean against Stiles’ looming over him. “Boyd and Erica will be there. I think Peter and his new guy will be coming. The whole team has promised to show up. We aren’t even on call, or standby, which means we can let loose a little.”

“I know we aren’t on call or stand by, which is why I have plans.” Stiles leaned back in his chair and grinned up at Isaac briefly before sobering. “Look this last month has been hell, for all of us. I don’t have to explain it to you. There’s a reason we’re off rotation. We’ve had a couple of nightmarish cases and for a unit that deals in nightmares-”

“Yeah.” Isaac slumped, curling in on himself briefly. “I never thanked you for that did I?”

Stiles had a flash of when they were frantically digging up the ground that the man had been buried in, unaware if he’d be alive or dead. It had been the first case they’d been called out on after he and Derek had gotten together. The first case that had tested their relationship.

“You did and it wasn’t needed, we’re a team and I’ve got your back. We all do. You know that.”

“If you hadn’t figured it out though.” Isaac shuddered. “Fucking hell, still can’t believe they got the drop on me.”

“You still seeing someone?” Stiles kept his voice low; he didn’t know who else was aware of Isaac continuing therapy past the regulated sessions.

“Yeah, thanks for the recommendation. She’s really good and discreet, I appreciate it.”

“No problem.” Stiles sat back, grinning again. “Now I need to finish my work because, despite the fact you think I’m lying, I really do have plans. But-” He held up a hand when Isaac opened his mouth in protest. “I might be willing to stop by the bar for a single drink in the interest of team solidarity and everything since you’ll all be there.”

“Yeah?” Isaac grinned, leaning back, eyes sparkling. “I’ll have Erica save you a seat.”

Stiles watched him for a moment debating with himself. While he and Derek hadn’t precisely hidden their relationship from his team or Derek’s, they hadn’t told the others either. The last few weeks had been full of cases for both of them. Demanding, complex cases that had tested them both with nightmares and injuries. Minor injuries, fortunately, but enough to panic them when they’d heard until they’d managed to lay hands on each other again. The nightmares were something they were both still working through, but they had good resources and each other. 

Derek and Stiles had managed to draw closer to each other without wanting to inhibit the other’s work so far. Stiles had finally come to believe that the two of them worked together as partners in more than just the bedroom. Stiles was so fucking in love with the man – not that he’d told Derek of the discovery he’d had while shaving the other morning. Stiles had Plans.

Looking at Isaac, he decided his plans could take a slight detour. His coworker and, yes, a friend needed him tonight as well, and a single drink at a bar wasn’t too much to give, not after what they’d all been through, and he knew that Derek would agree.

“Save two seats,” Stiles replied, turning back to his desk. “We’ll meet you there for one drink, now go do your work. We have an hour before its time to go and I want to get through this file.”

“Huh,” Isaac said, kicking Stiles’ chair around. “Two seats?”

“Isaac,” Stiles sighed, waving the closed file at him. “Work.”

“Fine, but you’re seeing someone?”

“He’s been seeing someone for weeks,” Boyd replied from behind Isaac, placing his hand on the other man’s shoulder, squeezing gently. “You didn’t notice?”

“I had other things on my mind.” Isaac frowned, leaning back into Boyd’s hand for a moment before straightening and walking back around the desks to sit. “Being stuck in the office has dulled my senses I tell you.”

“You’ve been back in the field for the last couple of weeks, love. You’re doing just fine,” Erica said, strolling in and running her fingers through Isaac’s hair before continuing to Boyd and handing him one of the digital files in her arms. “Here, these are for Peter, and I’m avoiding him until tonight. I refuse to do another search for him right before I clock out unless it’s an actual life or death matter.” She trailed pink lacquered nails down his suit jacket and strolled out the way she came giving Stiles a wink.

Stiles shook his head, smiling. He still couldn’t figure out the relationship between the three of them, but whatever it was had intensified after Isaac’s kidnapping in the field. He supposed he’d find out one day if they kept displays like this up, though.

“She’s a whirlwind in heels,” Stiles said, already turning back to his desk and opening his file. 

“She is at that,” Boyd said, settling in at his desk. 

They finished their work and went their separate ways, with Stiles promising again to meet them at the bar with his date. He waited until the others had left to make his way across the parking garage to where Derek was waiting for him.

“Hey, ready to go?” Derek grinned, rolling down his window. “Or do you need to stay?”

“No, but there is a slight detour,” Stiles said, leaning in and kissing him before walking around the car to get in. He tossed his bag behind the seat before buckling his belt and turning to Derek. 

“Oh?” Derek started the car and began driving from the garage to his place.

“I promised the team I would meet for a drink before we went out,” Stiles replied. He paused as he realized he didn’t need to go home to change or grab anything for the night since he probably had more of his stuff at Derek’s now than in his own place. “We’re you going to tell me that I’ve practically moved in with you?”

“I knew you would figure it out, and we’d talk about it at some point.” Derek shrugged, glancing at him as he turned onto the highway. “I don’t mind if you go out for a drink with the team. Do you want to meet up with me later then?”

“We are going to talk about my moving in with you,” Stiles said, reaching over and poking him in the shoulder. “Later. I wanted to know if you wanted to come with me. I told them I was bringing you for the drink because we had plans.”

“You told them about us?” Derek glanced over with his brow raised.

“Well I didn’t tell them your name, but its not like I’ve kept the fact that we’re dating a secret. That they haven’t figured it all out isn’t my fault,” Stiles huffed. “That said, I get your point.”

“I didn’t say anything,” Derek replied, his dimple winking at Stiles. “I would love to come for a drink with your team as your – what? Boyfriend?”

“Yeah, I guess that’s what you are,” Stiles said, thinking it over. “Partner is closer to what I would call you, but that has different connotations in our line of work, and lover is too intimate. Besides, they all know who you are – this is just telling them that we’re dating.”

“Okay then,” Derek said, flashing Stiles a boyish grin; he reached over to clasp his hand, flipping it over and raising it to his lips to brush a kiss over the palm. “I love you.”

“Oh fuck you,” Stiles said softly, staring a Derek, his heart in his throat. 

“Really?” Derek laughed, kissing Stiles’ wrist this time. 

“I had a fucking plan,” Stiles grumbled, moving over as far as he could with the seatbelt restricting him. He pressed a kiss into Derek’s neck. “How close are we to the house?”

“Soon,” Derek said, his eyes crinkled with amusement. “A plan?”

“Dinner, talking, really great sex and love confessions,” Stiles grumbled, kissing Derek’s neck again, nipping at his ear lobe. “It was an excellent plan.”

“I believe you.” Derek tilted his head to make room for Stiles.

“Fuck Derek, I love you so much,” Stiles said softly, briefly laying his head on Derek’s shoulder before pulling back to look at the side of his head. “I thought you were crazy wanting anything to do with me, and I didn’t see how we could work. These last few weeks – this last month has only reinforced the worst of our jobs, and yet – here we are.” He sighed, reaching out and tracing his fingers over Derek’s bearded jaw.

“Here we are,” Derek replied as he pulled into his driveway and parked. He turned to face Stiles. “I like it here.”

Stiles unbuckled and crawled into Derek’s lap, capturing his lips with his own, letting everything he was feeling crash through him and fall into the kiss. Letting teeth, tongue, and lips speak a language he couldn’t with words.

When they pulled back, both panting for air and grinning. Stiles knew there was nowhere he’d rather be than with Derek and no one he’d rather come home to.

“Yes, I like it here too.” He leaned in and laid his head on Derek’s shoulder, it put him at an awkward angle, but he liked the feel of being curled around the man.

“Move in with me then.” Derek’s hand ran up and down his spine in soothing motions.

“Don’t you mean stay with you? It seems I’ve already half moved in already.” Stiles laughed into Derek’s neck before sitting back up.

“Semantics, but yes.”

“I think I would like that,” Stiles said, nodding as he thought about it. 

“Good, now lets go celebrate,” Derek popped open the door and lifted Stiles out of the car. “I believe you promised me a drink with friends, dinner and then some really great sex.”

Stiles found his feet in a flailing of limbs and laughter. 



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