Evil Author Day

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Welcome to Evil Author Day, I always look forward to participating. Please note though, that in the spirit of EAD, I make no promises or contracts about these fics so don’t ask:

  1. What is happening with them?
  2. When they’ll be completed.
  3. If they’ve been abandoned.

Also note that at best they’ve had cursory spellcheck, so take from that what you will and if you feel the need to point out an error…well, bite your tongue and sit on your fingers.

Most of these fics don’t have official titles because that tends to be the last thing that I come up with.

Welcome to Evil Author Day 2021. Please enjoy my contribution to the 2021 EAD pool.

Title: Lost Identity (Harry Potter Gen)

Title: Stiles: Private Investigator (Teen Wolf Stiles/Peter)

Title: Alpha Peter (Teen Wolf Gen Pre Stiles/Derek)


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