Something New

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Title: Something New

Author: Sibyl Moon

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Relationship: Female Stiles/Derek

Word Count: 11449

Warnings: NC-17, Language, Explicit Sex, Rule 63 Stiles, AU

Summary: Stiles was left at the altar after spending her entire life in a relationship with Scott McCall in one way or another. Her friends take her out for a night of drinking, dancing, and hopefully, debauchery. Can she change a lifetime of habit and restrictions to embrace who she can be; who she wants to be? Will she take a chance on hot bartender & club owner, Derek Hale, for just one night?


Without change there would be no butterflies — Maya Angelou

Part One

She refused to allow herself to feel even an ounce of relief as she packed away her gown. She’d loved him for all his virtues and all his faults. She still did. Really.

“Next time I see him” Lydia’s heels snapped with each step she took on the marble floor of the antechamber that they’d used to change out of their wedding clothes. “I’m going to tear his hair out and then I’ll rip his heart out of his chest. After that, I’m going to ruin him.”

“It’s not worth it Lydia,” Stiles zipped up the garment bag, wishing she could pack away her complicated feelings as easily. “Besides, better to happen now than two kids and a mortgage down the road.”

“He deserves to have his balls cut off and shoved down his throat,” Lydia bit off coming to a halt in front of Stiles and holding her hand out for the make-up tote. “He didn’t just break off your relationship Stiles, he left you standing at the altar in front of the entire town.”

Stiles winced, “Yeah, that wasn’t great.”

“He didn’t just refuse to show up, he ran off with another woman.”

“Okay Lydia,” Stiles yelped, putting her hand over her friend’s mouth and ignoring her glare. “I know what he did, it happened less than two hours ago. I’m just…” She sighed. “I don’t know what I am, mostly numb right now. Partly relieved I think, but mostly numb.”

Lydia shrugged away from Stiles’ hand, “Well, let’s get out of here then. Jackson is grabbing a crate of the good booze from the venue and bringing it to your place.”

Stiles looked at Lydia with a raised brow, “Really?”

“What?” Lydia clicked her way out of the room in a swish of skirts and heels. “You already paid through the nose for it. Everyone that was here is going to the reception to overindulge in drinks, food, and gossip until they pass out. Why shouldn’t we do the same in the privacy of your house?”

“I guess it’s a good thing Scott didn’t finish moving in,” Stiles muttered following Lydia through the maze of the church and out in the dimming light of evening towards the car.

“We’ll burn whatever he left,” Lydia said as they settled into the vehicle and began the trip to Stiles’ small single-family home on the other side of town near the preserve. “It’ll be cathartic.”

“For who?”

“For me and you, don’t front,” Lydia smirked, whipping her sporty little car around a corner and barely pausing at the stop sign before pulling onto Stiles’ street. “Scott’s name isn’t on the deed is it?”

“No,” Stiles closed her eyes and leaned back on the headrest. “Just another thing that was put off.”

“Then thank fuck that he was the biggest fucking procrastinator in the world,” Lydia practically flung her car into the driveway before turning off the engine. “Let’s go get drunk.”

“What about the gowns?” Stiles gestured to the garment bags draped over the minuscule back seats that contained her wedding gown and Lydia’s maid of honor dress.

“Bring them, we’ll burn them too.” Lydia replied with an airy wave.

“You sure are fire happy tonight pyro,” Stiles muttered, but she didn’t object as she gathered the gowns from the back of the car. “Let’s go in and start drinking with what we have on hand, we can start the bonfire when Jackson gets here with the good stuff.”

“That is a plan I can get behind,” She followed Stiles up the walk to the front door. “He wouldn’t have dared pull this crap if your dad was still around, you know, that right?”

Stiles was silent as she juggled the gowns and unlocked her door, “Yeah, Dad would have had him in a cell before he’d made the leaving town sign.”

Lydia bustled in behind her, stepping out of her shoes and setting them to the side on the shelf she’d insisted that Stiles needed for just such things years ago. “Are you kidding, your dad would have had him strung up the first time that Scott even thought about sniffing in Allison’s direction without ending things with you first.”

Stiles threw the gowns on the couch as she passed into the living room before heading on into the kitchen. She opened the freezer to pull out the bottle of vodka and set it on the counter with the tequila Lydia had already unearthed.

Lydia turned and rummaged in the walk-in pantry dragging out a bottle of rum and red wine to add to their slapdash bar on top of the kitchen island.

“We should probably get out some mixers,” Stiles said surveying their haul. “I’m not interested in getting alcohol poisoning tonight.” She sighed, feeling suddenly tired. “I’m going to put on something more comfortable than this skirt and then we can discuss any further plans.”

“Stiles.” Lydia’s voice stopped her before she’d reached the door of the kitchen. Stiles turned to look at her friend. Lydia stood next to the counter in stocking feet, make-up and hair still artfully done. The lavender silk of chiffon bridesmaid dress was backlit by the kitchen lights, at the moment she looked more like a fey creature than Stiles’ best friend. “You know it’s okay to be pissed at Scott and to be hurt by what he’s done. You’re allowed to be angry at him.”

“I know that,” Stiles said a little defensively. The hand that was holding onto the doorframe tightened before she forced herself to let go.

“I don’t know if you do,” Lydia sighed. “You’ve never really let yourself get upset with Scott, no matter what he’s done. No,” She said sharply raising a hand. “Just, go change and think about it, we’ll drink, and then maybe you will listen to me about this for once.”

“You make it sound like we’ve had this talk before.” Stiles raised looked at Lydia, knowing they hadn’t.

“I haven’t,” Lydia agreed as she turned back to the cabinets and began to rummage through them. “I knew better, I valued our friendship too much to risk it when I knew you wouldn’t listen. Besides, while I always thought Scott was an entitled dick, I never thought he’d pull something like this.” Lydia turned back around holding a corkscrew looking earnestly at Stiles, her eyes wide. “I swear to you Stiles if I’d had any idea that he’d go this far–that he’d cheat on you–I’d have said something about it long before it reached this point.”

Stiles managed to smile at Lydia. They hadn’t been friends until late in high school. They’d orbited each other’s peer groups until Scott’s bright idea to try out for the lacrosse team threw them in each other’s paths. Lydia and Stiles had gotten along better than anyone had expected and now here they were, a dozen years later.

“I know Lydia,” Stiles said, “I can’t imagine you letting me find out this way either.”

“I wouldn’t have,” She said fiercely. “Go get changed. I’m going to get started.” She popped the corkscrew into a wine bottle.

“I’ll be right back then,” Stiles said, turning and heading out of the kitchen towards the stairs. She made her way up to the master bedroom. The room she had planned to share with her husband tonight.

She should have realized that something was going on with Scott in the last few months when he had put off moving his things into her home, the house they were supposed to be sharing once they married.

He’d avoided sharing a place with her the entire time they’d been together. They’d been best friends their entire lives, dating since middle school, engaged since midway through college. Still, they’d never lived together, no matter how much she might have wanted to, Scott had still always had excuses to put it off. They’d had sex, Scott had been the only boy she’d ever slept with. Stiles had thought she’d been the only girl he’d ever slept with. She had reason to wonder now, especially with how sporadic it had been.

She pulled her dress off, it had been a simple floral sundress that hit above her knees and had been meant for driving off after the reception. She’d loved it. She balled it up and threw it into the corner of the room, knowing that she’d never wear it again. She kicked off her sandals feeling a wicked satisfaction as they thumped solidly against the wall.

Standing in the middle of her bedroom in her underwear and thigh-high stockings she contemplated her next move. She sat on her bed and rolled her stockings off, tossing them into the corner with her dress. She unsnapped her bra and threw it over the window seat before heading to her dresser, she pulled on a soft support bra, a soft, worn t-shirt, and a pair of yoga pants.

She hurriedly brushed her hair out of its elaborate updo, placing it into her preferred ponytail. Splashing some water on her face, she set to work dismantling the makeup that felt caked on her face.

Everything about today felt like a television drama, distant and happening to someone else. Very Lifetime, though she was sure it would all feel terribly real tomorrow.

She had been the daughter of the beloved sheriff and Scott had been the son of a well-loved nurse. The fact that Stiles and Scott had been Beacon Hills’ hometown sweethearts for years would probably lead to some of the fallout.

Rubbing a damp hand over her suddenly uneasy stomach she stepped back from the sink to pat her face dry. Throwing the cloth in the hamper after her face was clean, she headed back down the stairs. She needed a drink.

She heard voices as she came into the kitchen and realized that Jackson had arrived while she’d been changing. She took in the blonde jock from the doorway while she was unnoticed.

Jackson had been even more of a shock when he’d joined her circle of friends, they’d had such a passive-aggressive relationship during grade school and then they’d ignored each other during middle school.

Scott had hated Jackson, but he’d choked it back to work with him because he’d wanted on the lacrosse team in high school. After that Scott hadn’t been able to get rid of the guy, from their social circle no matter how hard he’d tried.

“Hey, Jackson.” Stiles finally made her presence known, coming into the room. “I heard you were bringing over some of the good stuff.”

“Give us the word,” Jackson said, sweeping her into his arms. “Danny will hunt that prick down and we’ll break him.”

“No need Jacks,” Stiles said, her throat tight. “I just want to forget him tonight. I might want Danny to ruin him later though, so don’t go too far.”

“Just say the word,” Jackson said, hugging her quickly and stepping back. “Let’s get you a drink.”

“What are you mixing up there?”

“We have the eponymous jungle juice in the cooler there,” He pointed. “Lydia mixed up some pitchers of sangria, I doubt you have any wine or fruit left.”

“Are we going to die of alcohol poisoning, is that the plan tonight?” Stiles asked, her eyes wide as she took in the changes that had occurred while she’d been upstairs.

The jungle juice that Jackson had mentioned was off to the side, Covering the island sat the sangria in half a dozen pitchers and food that Jackson must have brought from the caterers at the reception.

“You know that we aren’t the only ones that are going to stop by to check on you tonight,” Lydia came up behind her, she changed into a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt, her hair was still up. “We’re just getting prepared.”

“It looks like the entire town is going to end up here,” Stiles said, feeling panicked at the thought.

“Stiles, breathe,” Lydia crossed the kitchen and cupped her face. “It will just be our circle, you know that. Just those that count. Danny, probably Erica and Boyd, maybe the twins. We are going to get drunk and have a bonfire in your backyard, just like we talked about ok? If you need everyone to disappear, just tell me and I’ll make them go.”

“Okay, that…” Stiles took a breath, “That sounds like a plan, it’s better than drinking alone anyway.”

“Definitely,” Jackson said, handing her a glassful of something. “You should get started anyway.”

“Yeah, okay,” Stiles took a drink and choked. “What the hell.” She coughed.

“Packs a punch doesn’t it?” Jackson preened and he took a drink from his cup.

Stiles eyed him, taking a much smaller drink this time. She still winced at the burn but didn’t choke this time around, she felt it burn a path down her throat to her stomach.

“Drink up,” Lydia said, following her words with actions as she downed a glass of sangria. “Erica just sent me a text, she’ll be here with Boyd and Aiden in ten minutes. They’re bringing take out.”

“More food, really?” Stiles felt her eyes widen; she was completely ignored.

“Good,” Jackson said, holding up his phone. “Danny and Ethan are fifteen minutes out with pizza.”

Stiles felt her chest tighten for another reason this time. How had she become so immersed in Scott McCall that she’d forgotten the loyalty of these people and how they could circle the wagons when it was called for. They’d never done it for Scott because he’d never done it for them–he’d never done it for her. That should have told her something all those years ago. She’d been so fucking blind.

“How the fuck did I not notice?” She took another swallow of the liquid fire masquerading as a drink and felt her eyes begin to water. “When did I become so blind to everything about him?”

“When your mom died,” Lydia said bluntly.

Her words were harsh, but when Stiles forced her watering eyes to meet Lydia’s all she saw was a hesitant sympathy.

“What do you mean?” Stiles looked from Lydia to Jackson and allowed Jackson to steer her through the kitchen and out her sliding doors to the backyard.

Once they had her seated around the fire-pit, Jackson busied himself getting it ready for the bonfire and Lydia refilled her glass from the pitcher of sangria she’d grabbed before setting it on the table between their chairs.

“Okay,” Lydia sucked in some air and began. “Fuck, I didn’t ever plan to bring this up. Okay, so before your mom got sick, we were all school friends, you didn’t have a best friend per se.” Lydia took a drink, turning to stare towards Jackson who was now lighting the fire.

Stiles nodded trying to think back. The time before her mom’s illness wasn’t entirely clear, but she did remember that she used to have play dates with Lydia and Erica a lot. She thought she remembered Jackson and Danny around at times too.

Then her mom got sick. Her memories of that time were strange, for the most part, she remembered extraordinarily little. What she did remember of the time leading up to her mom’s death and the year afterward were short crystal-clear bursts of memories in a sea of hazy blunted memories of pain, confusion, and loss.

“Right,” Lydia continued. “Your mom got sick and I don’t know if your dad just didn’t think of the rest of our parents or what, but he relied on Melissa McCall exclusively and that left you to Scott day in and day out. This wouldn’t necessarily have been a bad thing, but you started having panic attacks and had to be pulled from school a lot. So, you and Scott ended up on that homeschooling alternative type program since his asthma was pretty bad that year too.”

“Then what happened?” Stiles asked because she realized that Lydia had probably been sitting on this for years and it explained why there had been such passive-aggressive hostility towards Scott when their groups had come together in high school, but never really towards her.

“Well, your mom died,” Lydia winced but continued. “You came back to school and you were like a ghost for almost a year. Scott hoarded you like a dragon hoards treasure. We were, what ten, eleven? None of us took you cutting us out well and when we tried to force you to hang out with us again it turned into a big fight because you thought we were saying that Scott wasn’t good enough, do you remember that at all?”

“A little, that time is really blurry for me,” Stiles finished her drink and poured some of the sangria. It looked like her jilting was turning out to be more of a reprieve than she’d originally thought. “I do remember fighting with you guys and then Jackson hitting Scott.”

“That’s the one,” Jackson said, joining the conversation coming to sit beside them. “I told the others to just come in. Erica said she still has a key.”

“Yeah, she does.” Stiles nodded.

“After that, it was the Scott and Stiles show,” Jackson said, getting back to the topic, his lip curling. “There wasn’t anything we could do. You’d made up your mind and we were hurt, angry, and even if later, “He huffed a laugh. “Much much later, we were able to see how we messed up so badly too. Well, it was too late, wasn’t it? We were lucky to have a second chance, Stiles. You were worth it, to be your friend again, it was worth putting up with Potty McCall.” Jackson took a drink.

“We hoped that you guys would drift apart in college, at least romantically,” Lydia said. She shrugged without remorse when Stiles looked at her. “We knew better than to say much against him directly, you guys were too enmeshed by then. We did manage to get you to at least think about things though. His name isn’t on the deed to the house yet, and you guys don’t share a bank account. A few other small things, he’s made it extremely easy for you to disconnect with him. Whether or not that was his intent or not.”

“We all knew he would screw up,” Jackson sneered. “I just hoped it would be long before it got this far. We all did. Once it got here, we had some hope that maybe, just maybe he was at least serious about you, that he loved you and we were missing something being on the outside of your relationship.”

“I gave him my loyalty and expected it in return,” Stiles shrugged, “I didn’t even think to look and see that I didn’t have it. Looking back, it’s obvious that I didn’t. Maybe, in the beginning, I might have had something, but I don’t think it lasted long. He took so much, and he gave very little.”

She drank some more and heard movement from in the house. She wanted to get this out before the others made their way out there. “I’d already been thinking about this–I didn’t know he’d been cheating. I didn’t think that, but I realized that Scott didn’t love me or more to the point.” She sucked in a deep breath to steady herself. “I’m fairly sure I never really loved him, if I ever did–I don’t know, not the way my parents did. I’m hurt and humiliated yes, but I’m not heartbroken. I don’t know how long our marriage would have lasted if we’d gone through with it and that makes me feel incredibly guilty on some level.”

“Don’t,” Jackson said harshly.

“Will this make it easier or harder to get over?” Lydia wondered as the rest of their group came pouring out the backdoor.

Stiles smiled as she stood and was enveloped by Erica’s enthusiastic hug, her threats to Scott’s person loud and creative.

They ate until Stiles thought she’d burst, and they drank until her head swam. She listened to her friends curse Scott and defend her honor, while also offering to hold her coat if she wanted to go after him herself. She had the best friends in the world, and she realized that she would get through this one way or another.

During it all though, Lydia’s words turned around in her mind. Would not loving Scott make it easier or harder to get over him?



Part Two

“Stiles,” Lydia said, her voice pitched to be heard under the music of the club that they were sitting in. “You could at least stop looking like I’m torturing you.”

“I’m just not comfortable here Lydia, you know that” Stiles shrugged at Lydia’s glare inured to their effect by now. “Maybe if I had a hot body to dance with, but this whole place feels a little too meat market for me.”

“You’d have a hot body to dance with if you’d accept any of the invitations that have come your way in the last few months,” Lydia’s exasperation was evident even over the bass thudding around them. “You need to let Scott go, Stiles.”

“We’ve talked about this,” Stiles said, completely unrepentant. “This isn’t about Scott, not really. This is about the fact that he’s the only person I’ve ever dated or been involved with. We’d been together since middle school and for better or worse, I’m starting from scratch with no experience out here.” She waved a hand to indicate the club with its dance floor and bar.

“Just come dance Stiles,” Lydia sighed as she finished her drink and slid out of the booth. “This isn’t a commitment; you don’t have to go home with anyone or even dance with them. Just come dance with me.”

“What about Jackson?” Stiles asked, but she was sliding out of the booth watching Lydia get Ethan’s attention so someone would come to watch the table and drinks.

“He’s not going to turn down watching two hot women dance together, are you kidding me?” Lydia smirked, she kissed Ethan on the cheek as she passed off table duty and led Stiles onto the floor.

Stiles caught a glimpse of Erica and Boyd across the floor, it looked like Jackson had headed across the club to the table to sit with Ethan and Danny. The crowd of dancers closed around her before she could see much more, so she didn’t know where Aiden was or who he’d picked up for the night.

If things played out the way they had the last four months that Lydia had been dragging her out, no one would see Aiden the rest of the weekend unless some emergency happened.

She felt a harsh tug on her hand and tripped forward into Lydia. Stiles glared but began to dance with her friend.

“Loosen up, Stiles,” Lydia said with her heels she was near to Stiles’ height. “You say this isn’t about Scott, but you’ve refused to let go of anything from your relationship with him.”

“He was my friend and I…” Stiles kept dancing and let her mind wander. “I know what he did, I know!” She said in response to Lydia’s glare.

“You need to let go of your guilt about that Stiles,” Lydia murmured. “If you won’t pick out one of these fine specimens to go home with or enjoy a dance, let’s go get a drink.”

“Lydia,” Stiles said once they were off the floor. “Thank you, for what you’re doing.”

“You’re my friend Stiles,” Lydia said, flipping her hair and strutting the rest of the way to the bar.

Stiles followed in her wake, as always in awe of the way Lydia could clear a path anywhere she went with little effort.

She took advantage of the empty seat next to where Lydia stood to sit. The little silver heels that she was wearing were sexy as fuck, but they weren’t the most comfortable shoes after a few hours.

“Cuba libre,” Lydia said as soon as the bartender made his way down to her. “Two and light on the ice.”

“I didn’t mean to ruin your fun, Lydia,” Stiles said turning on the stool and leaning back against the bar, making sure that her skirt didn’t ride up too much. “Why don’t you go dance with Jackson?”

“I might,” Lydia said with a sigh that Stiles felt on her bare shoulder more than heard. “But Stiles, you need to stop letting your guilt over the situation with Scott stop you from moving on. One, you have nothing to feel guilty about at this point, and two, he cheated on you and ran off with another woman. You said you’re done with him, but you’ve done very little in the last five months to show that.”

“I am done,” Stiles protested, even as she realized that Lydia was right, at least in her assessment of how little she’d put herself out there. “I’m not waiting for him to come back and I don’t feel guilty anymore, at least not as much. I just feel stalled out I guess, and I don’t know how not to be.”

“Stop hesitating,” Lydia snapped. She turned to pay and get their drinks, she handed Stiles her glass. “Nothing is stopping you from going out there, Stiles. Put on your big girl panties, drink up and go dance. We’ll be right here to back you up if you need it.”

“Right,” Stiles said, she sucked in a breath and twirled the stirring straw in her glass before drinking. “So, any ideas how I start here? I’m not a fan of diving into the middle of the dance floor and hoping for the best.”

“Well,” Lydia said, a smile curving her lips. “See anyone interesting?” She took a sip of her drink and Stiles watched her scan the club.

“No, but I wouldn’t know where to start,” Stiles just shook her head at Lydia and drank some more. “I was with Scott for so long that I just kind of trained myself not to look, or never really learned to look in the first place. I mean I appreciated the male form, don’t get me wrong, but it was more abstract thought. He’d get upset if he thought I was attracted to anyone else; you know that.”

“Projecting much,” Lydia muttered next to her before speaking in a normal tone. “He’s an ass.”

“I know that,” She caught Lydia’s look. “I do know that Lydia, a lot of the last few months has been figuring out how much of an ass he was. I was with him romantically since middle school Lydia and sexually since prom night, so a lot is also habit and a few nerves. I never did anything like this, it was never my thing, but I guess it doesn’t mean it can’t be.”

“It doesn’t have to be, but you need to learn to be Stiles full stop and not Scott and Stiles as an entity. I was hoping things like this would help, not just to get you laid,” They both laughed. “But also, to get you out of that rut.”

“I get that, I’m sorry I’ve been such a pain about it,” Stiles finished her drink and slid it onto the bar. “I am grateful for everyone. I guess I was just surprised how hard this was after everything came out.”

“You mean when you realized that you didn’t love him?”

“Well, that and the fact that he ran off with the neighbor he’d been cheating on me with.”

“On your wedding day,” Erica said, wrapping an arm around Stiles’ waist as she came up next to her. “He’s a jackass, why are we talking about a jackass instead of getting you some cock?”

“Erica,” Stiles laughed, she felt Erica tug on the hair curling down her back but ignored it. “You have absolutely no filter, I don’t know why people complain about me.”

“She’s finally agreed to try to at least dance with someone,” Lydia said, breaking into their staring contest.

“I don’t remember saying that,” Stiles replied, turning her gaze to the redhead.

“It was strongly implied, are you denying it?” Lydia raised her finely shaped brows and Stiles knew it was a lost cause but couldn’t say she minded it so much at the moment, warmed by rum and friendship as she was.

“Okay, okay,” She raised her hands in surrender, then she gestured to the club as a whole. “Do I chum the water or something?”

“Looking like you do?” Erica smiled, “No, you just stand there and give a nod to anyone that you’re interested in. It’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel.”

“Really,” Stiles glanced over the club, intrigued despite herself. She found herself wondering, not for the first time, what it would be like to have sex with someone other than Scott. “That easy?”

“Oh Stiles, you are a wet dream to almost every straight man in here,” Lydia smirked, flipping her hair off her shoulder. “We all are, of course, but you’re the one that’s available.”

“Meat market,” Stiles muttered, but more amused now than she’d been earlier. She was sure part of that had to do with the buzz of rum warming her blood, but mostly something had clicked finally. She felt free–at she felt least less weighed down by the burden of Scott–more able to finally let go of the last bit of what was tethering her to that relationship.

“Maybe,” Erica conceded with her husky laugh, drawing attention from the men nearby. “But we’re the ones doing the buying here.”

“So bad,” Stiles said laughing as she stood from the stool. “I’m going to the restroom, then we can start shooting some fish.”

“I’ll go with you,” Erica said, hooking her arm through Stiles’ and turning to look at Lydia.

“I think I’ll head back to the table; Jackson is no doubt pouting by now. I’ll meet you there and we can start hunting,” Lydia smirked, waving her glass in farewell before heading off towards the table.

“So, tell me,” Erica said as they weaved their way through the crowd, “Are you seriously ready to put yourself out there?”

Stiles took the time to think about it as they got in line for the restroom, she’d already made the decision and despite how much she’d wallowed the last few months, she wasn’t someone who normally hesitated when she’d made her decision.

“Yes,” She nodded firmly. “I’m ready, I’ve been ready. I just didn’t realize it, I guess. I was so used to being the way I was, just waiting around for Scott. Waiting for him to come back from school, to be ready to move in, to be ready to get engaged, to be ready to get married. I was also wallowing a little in the guilt when I realized I wasn’t in love with him, it felt like I wasn’t allowed to move on. You guys have helped me realize I don’t need to punish myself for that, so yes I’m ready.” She paused to breathe, “It’s a little terrifying, to be honest, but thrilling too.”

“Plus, you get to have all the cock you want now,” Erica grinned salaciously winking at her. “Make up for what you missed out on; I can’t imagine that McCall was impressive in that department.”

“Well, no,” Stiles conceded, pursing her lips. “But I’m not some puritanical nun Erica. I can find porn and I own a collection of sex toys.”

“Well,” Erica said, her eyes wide, “I didn’t think that he would have been so open-minded about that.”

“Oh, Scott didn’t know,” Stiles said unashamedly, “I suppose it would have come out after we got married since we would be living together, but it wasn’t something I told him about, he would have gotten upset.”

“I don’t understand how you didn’t see how toxic you guys were,” Erica said softly, her arms crossed as if to fight off a chill.

“I do now,” Stiles admitted, “I didn’t then, not until the end, but things had progressed so far, and I couldn’t figure out how to get out.”

“Now you’re free,” Erica said firmly as they reached the door. “And you can do what you want.”

“Now I can do what I want,” Stiles agreed as they went in, she headed directly to the sink and washed her hands. She wanted to splash some water on her face, but while the mascara she was wearing was waterproof, the eyeshadow wouldn’t hold up to it. She wiggled her fingers into the tiny pocket of her skirt and pulled out the minuscule tube of gloss to reapply.

Erica reappeared beside her and washed her hands before reapplying her lipstick.

“Let’s head back out and get you laid then,” Erica declared, tucking her lipstick away. “You need some real cock, real good cock from someone who knows how to use it. I know just the guy.”

“Please don’t set me up with one of your man-slut friends,” Stiles groaned, she held her hands up in self-defense at Erica’s glare. “Hey nothing against his life choices, but I don’t know that I want to be a notch on someone’s bedpost myself.”

“You won’t know until you try, and he won’t hold it against you if you say no,” Erica said reassuringly. “He can take your refusal without any bad feelings okay?”

“If you’re sure,” Stiles said, not knowing what else to say.

“I’m sure,” Erica smiled, hurrying her down the hall and back towards the bar. “Just dance with him okay, see where it goes from there.”

They ended up at the opposite end of the bar from where they’d been before. Stiles felt her mouth go dry when she got a good look at the bartender.

He wore the standard black shirt and jeans that the rest of the staff of the club were in, but somehow, they looked absolutely obscene on him. The jeans were so tight, Stiles was in no doubt of what he had tucked away them. The shirt spread across a muscled chest that Stiles felt her fingers twitch with the desire to touch.

“He’s hot isn’t he,” Erica murmured in her ear, “If I weren’t so into Boyd, I would be lined up to ride his cock in a hot minute.”

“For fuck’s sake, Erica,” Stiles hissed at her, looking around she noticed that this end of the bar was populated by quite a few women and men of a variety of ages that were posing and flirting in some of the skimpiest attire in very obvious attempts to get the attention of Hot Bartender. “I don’t think so, Erica.”

She watched him smile and play at the crowd, and he was good at it. He didn’t give any one customer too much attention but managed to make each one look dazed by the time they received their drink. She imagined there were quite a few numbers on the receipts he picked up.

“Why not, he’d be perfect getting you back on the horse,” Erica froze a minute and then began to laugh loudly, attracting the attention of those nearby. “So to speak.”

“You’re awful and I’m going to go back to the table and see what Lydia’s plan of attack is,” Stiles said shaking her head and trying to sound disapproving. Erica was ridiculous, but she always managed to make Stiles laugh.

“Come on, at least meet him, he’s a great guy and I’ve been wanting to introduce him forever,” Erica begged, widening her eyes and clasping her hands in front of her. “Please, please, please.”

“You’d be better off giving her what she wants. When she starts that up, she won’t stop until you give in,” A deep voice spoke from in front of them.

Stiles glanced up startled only to meet Hot Bartender’s amused eyes. His face, which she has purposely been avoiding looking at was now right in front of her. He was smiling wide, white teeth showing out of a face crafted by a generous god, chiseled jaw covered in dark stubble, dimples winking at her.

“I know better than to do that, it only encourages her,” Stiles heard herself say, mouth moving on autopilot while her brain rebooted. She smacked herself internally, she refused, absolutely refused to be turned inside out by a man. No matter how tight his jeans were or how pretty his face was.

“You are so cruel to me,” Erica straightened laughing, “Besides, I got my way. Derek, this one of my best friends from high school, Stiles. Stiles, this degenerate here is a friend from elementary school. He moved away right before I started ninth grade, he only moved back into the area a few months ago.”

“Nice to meet Stiles,” Derek flipped the towel in his hands over his shoulder to shake her hand.

“You too,” Stiles smiled even as she tried to suppress the shiver that ran through her at his touch. His voice had slid right through her and she already knew that he would be playing in her fantasies later. “Erica hasn’t mentioned you before.”

“My fault, when I left I didn’t keep in touch with anyone back here,” He shrugged as he finally let go of her hand. ” I ran into Erica my first day back, couldn’t shake her loose afterward.”

“Yeah, she’s like that,” Stiles smiled over at Erica, “It’s what makes her so great, most of the time.”

“So, mean,” Erica pouted before turning back to Derek, “When are you off tonight, or do you close?”

“I’m off now actually, I just came in to cover for one of the guys that called out. Laura has the floor tonight, I was supposed to be off all weekend,” He laughed, shrugging again. “The joys of owning a business I guess.”

“You own this place?” Stiles asked, startled, looking around at the place with new eyes. She’d been aware the club was new to Beacon Hills, but she hadn’t realized that Erica knew the owners.

“Yeah,” Derek met her gaze when she looked back at him, he smiled at her again and she felt her heart flutter. “We opened the place up about six months ago, it’s been doing pretty well so far.”

“It’s great Derek,” Erica enthused, “Come on back to the table with us. Everyone is here so you can come and meet them finally.”

Derek tossed his head back and laughed, “Give me a chance to clean up and I’ll be over, where are you at?”

Erica gave him the directions to their table, “Don’t be too long or I’ll come looking.” She told him with her hands on her hips, tossing her blond curls around.

“I wouldn’t dare,” He smiled winking at Stiles, “She’s a tyrant, isn’t she?”

“She thinks so, but you haven’t met Lydia yet,” Stiles laughed, warming up to him. He didn’t get any less attractive, but he was easy to be around so far, even if it didn’t stop her from wondering what his smile would feel like against her skin.

“I look forward to it,” He smirked at her, reaching out and brushing a curl of hair back over her shoulder before turning and heading away from the bar towards a door she hadn’t noticed behind them.

“Wow,” Erica muttered wrapping an arm around Stiles’ waist and pulling her away from where she’d been watching Derek walk away. “He likes you.”

“What?” Stiles stopped walking and looked at Erica shocked.

“No, I mean it,” Erica said, tugging her until she started to move again. “He could hardly stop looking at you Stiles and that thing with the hair. You, my friend, you are getting laid tonight.”

“I don’t even know what to say to that,” Stiles said bemused at her friend. “Are you pimping him out or me?”

“Oh Derek, definitely,” Erica said without any shame as they got back to their table. “Hey, did you miss me, baby?” She slid away from Stiles and into Boyd’s lap her red lacquered nails gleaming against dark cheeks as she kissed him, his hands automatically settled on her waist.

Stiles felt a small twist of envy at how easy they were with each other, but mostly she was happy for the two of them. They hadn’t had it easy and when they’d finally fallen together it had been a beautiful thing, they were gorgeous together.

“What took you so long?” Danny asked leaning around the entwined couple from where he sat under Ethan’s outstretched arm.

“We ran into a friend of Erica’s,” Stiles said, slipping into the opposite side of the booth from the lovers.

Erica came up for air at that, “Derek Hale, you remember him, Babe?”

Boyd nodded, eyebrows raised, “He’s coming to join us?”

“Yeah, he just got off covering for one of his guys. I told him he had to come and meet everyone,” She looked around frowning, “Where did Lydia & Jackson go?”

“Where else?” Ethan smirked pressing a kiss into the side of Danny’s head before reaching for his drink. “They went to the dancefloor, where they’ll do their version of dancing until the bouncer makes them stop, then they’ll head home, make it halfway there and have dirty, dirty car sex.”

“Here’s hoping that they don’t get caught this time, I’m not bailing them out again,” Danny muttered finishing what was left of his drink. “Fuckers aren’t in high school anymore.”

They all looked at each other and started laughing.

“Seriously, Danny,” Stiles said, dabbing tears from her eyes. “You couldn’t have phrased that better, I swear.”

“Looks like you’re all having fun,” Derek said coming up to the table smiling at them. “Derek.” He leaned over the table and shook hands with Danny and Ethan, nodded at Boyd who still had his hands full of Erica.

“Well, this is part of our group,” Erica said, she frowned at the dance floor. “We lost some out there and probably won’t see them again tonight.”

“That’s fine, I’m not going anywhere Erica. I’m sure I’ll meet everyone eventually,” Derek said.

Stiles moved over to make room for him to sit next to her. She was hyper aware of him sitting there, making conversation with Danny and Ethan about the upcoming street fair. They all talked about the club and how it was doing, what they thought about it, giving their ideas for improvements, there weren’t many, but Danny had a few ideas. She knew that she was being quiet, but she couldn’t think of a single thing to say.

“You okay there,” Derek said looking down at her, while the conversation changed to other topics and continued around them. “You’re pretty quiet.”

“I’m fine,” She smiled looking around briefly. She looked back at him, “I just don’t have much to say at the moment.”

He looked at her for a minute as if verifying what she said and then he nodded, “Okay, you want to dance?”

“Oh,” Stiles felt her eyes widen. “I–yeah–yes.” She stuttered when Erica, who had migrated from Boyd’s lap to sit beside him, kicked her in the shin. She glared at her friend briefly.

“Yes?” Derek smiled at her like he knew something was going on but wasn’t sure what.

“Yes, I would like to dance,” She smirked at him, “If that was an invitation.”

Derek Hale was hot like burning, and he was showing every sign that he was interested in her. She wasn’t going to talk herself out of taking advantage of what could quite possibly be a very nice night.

He grinned, showing both dimples and bunny teeth. How he managed to be both gorgeous and adorable, she didn’t know, but she was going to enjoy the view. “Yes, it was an invitation.”

“Okay,” She said, motioning him out of the booth she slid out after him, taking his hand to stand she followed him to the dance floor ignoring the whispers from the table that she’d left behind her.

Once they were on the floor Derek pulled her close, tucking her body into his. The heat of him was a brand against her. They moved together with the beat of the music, but Stiles couldn’t have told anyone what the song was.

The scent of spice, pine, and clean male musk filled her senses as they moved, bodies rolling together. They moved as if they’d been dancing together like this for years.

“I don’t want to assume,” Derek’s breath brushed over her ear as he spoke, sending a shudder down her body. “So, I’m just going to ask straight out. You’re single right?”

Stiles huffed out a laugh, “Yes, I’m single. I’d hope that you are too with how–hmm,” she didn’t finish her thought and he laughed in hair.

“Yes, I’m single,” He moved them across the floor to one of the shadowed alcoves in a maneuver that Stiles couldn’t have replicated if she’d been paid to. “I’m going to kiss you unless you have any objections to that.”

“I have absolutely no objections to that,” Stiles said, reaching her hands up into his hair and pulling his head down to press her lips to his, not waiting for him.

She felt his laugh as their lips met and then his hand was in her hair, the other and the small of her back, drawing her in even closer if at all possible. His lips were hot against hers, just plush enough that she wanted to bite so she did. He moaned and pressed his tongue into her mouth when she let go of his lip, he dominated the kiss cradling her in his arms. Stiles felt her head go light, her stomach flutter, and her panties went damp.

Derek pulled back from the kiss, “Fuck, you taste good.” He looked a little dazed, but he managed to smirk down at her, “I bet you taste good everywhere.”

She could help the smile she felt slip across her face, “That was awful,” She murmured at him, making no move to leave his arms. “You can’t say things like that.”

He shrugged, “I still want to find out.” He stared down at her, eyes hot and blown wide.

She stared back at him, mind racing before nodding, “Okay, I have to get my things and let Erica know. I’ll meet you at the door?”

He smirked at her, “Unless there is a reason I shouldn’t, I can walk back to the table with you.”

“Oh,” She looked up at him and he leaned down and kissed her, her eyes fluttered shut, her brain shutting off again. He was grinning when she opened her eyes and looked at him, she frowned. “You can walk with me, don’t do that again until we’re out of here though, you fuzz up my brain too much.”

Derek laughed with his head thrown back, she stepped out of the circle of his arms and they headed back across the club. Derek’s arm was around her waist as he directed her through the crowd around the dance floor.

“Well,” Danny grinned when they got to the table. “You look like you had fun.”

Stiles raised her eyes at Danny, “Excuse me?”

“You’re looking a little red there Stiles,” Ethan said with a smirk, gesturing to his chin. “The downfalls of a man with facial hair.”

Stiles felt her face heat, “You’re all terrible, I don’t know why I like any of you.”

“You love us,” Erica said, breaking away from where she’d been attached to Boyd again. “What’s going on?”

“I’m heading out,” Stiles said, forcing herself not to fidget or blush. “I need to grab my things and let you know I won’t need a ride home.”

“You won’t?” Erica said smirking like a cat who had just eaten a canary and had a bowl of cream. “Whyever not?”

“Erica,” Boyd said quietly, pulling her back down on his lap. “Enough.”

“Oh fine, ruin my fun,” She snuggled back against Boyd’s chest and pouted. “I’ll talk to you later?”

“I’m sure,” Stiles responded with a smile. “I’ll call you.” She took her purse and jacket from Ethan.

Derek led her through the crowds of clubgoers with little trouble, they were outside quickly, she shrugged into her jacket as they exited the club.

He hurried her across the parking lot to his car, a camaro that had her laughing when she saw it.

“You went all out for the bad boy persona, didn’t you?”

“The car belonged to my sister first, if you can believe it,” He said laughing as he pushed her up against it. “I bought it from her after she had her third kid and gave in to the inevitability of an SUV.”

“An SUV, shouldn’t that be a minivan?” Stiles asked breathlessly as his lips moved over her neck and his hands wrapped around her waist lifting her onto the hood of the car.

“Bite your tongue,” He grinned up at her boyish in his amusement, even as his hands slid from her waist up to her torso and her breasts, cupping them under her bra and the sparkly top she’d worn. His thumbs brush over her nipples. “My sister would die before she’d allow someone to put her in a minivan. Now I can’t continue to talk about my sister right now.”

“No, I wouldn’t think so,” Stiles said on a breathless sigh as his lips found their way back to her neck. “You’re really good at this, but I’d really like someplace with a bed or at least a door.”

Derek pulled back looking a little chagrined, “Yeah, that’s probably a good idea. I’m having a lot of trouble keeping my hands off you.” He huffed a laugh and stepped back, pulling his hands out from under her shirt. He got his keys out to unlock the car.

He opened her door, giving her a hand in before quickly rounding the car and getting them on their way.

“I don’t do this,” Stiles said suddenly.

Derek glanced at her, shifting gears, “I didn’t figure you did; we don’t have to do anything Stiles. We can have coffee, or I can take you to the diner, I can take you home if you want.”

“No,” Stiles slid her hand onto his thigh, her nails catching at the seam, she smiled at the stutter in his breathing. “I don’t want to go home, or to have coffee, at least not right now. I just wanted you to be aware that this isn’t something I’m–” She waved her other hand around trying to think of the right words.

“I think I get it,” He said smiling, he grabbed her hand from his thigh and gently placed it back in her lap. “If we’re going to make it to my place without a detour through, you’re going to have to stop that.”

She laughed, surprised at how husky her voice had become, “You’re kidding.”

“Not even a little,” He said vehemently cutting his eyes towards her again, speeding through a yellow light and turning down into one of the more well-to-do neighborhoods in the town. “I’ve been blown away by you since I saw you show up at the end of my bar, I was trying to think of a way to introduce myself when Erica showed up with you later on.”

“Wait,” Stiles shifted in her seat as they pulled into the drive of a single-story home and he cut the engine. “You saw me before I came over with Erica?”

“You were at the bar with a redhead, ordering drinks from Donna. I was tempted to switch sides of the bar with her so I could take your next drink order, but you disappeared on me,” He leaned over the gear shift and cupped the back of her head, fingers threading into her hair kissing her softly. “I’m glad you showed up at my end of the bar with Erica, it made it easier than trying to hunt you down in a packed club.”

“You’re ridiculous,” Stiles whispered fondly against his lips. “I think I like it.”

“I know,” He smiled brushing his lips over hers, “You still want to come in?”

“Of course,” She replied, a little drunk on his mouth. “I want to see if your jeans are telling the truth.”

He blinked, confusion flashing across his face, “What?”

Stiles laughed and pushed him back so she could get out of the car. She was definitely looking forward to seeing if what his jeans were framing was close to the truth, she felt her pussy clench at the thought.

Derek came around the car to wrap an arm around her waist and walk her to his door. Unlocking it he ushered her in, she’d barely had a chance to glance around before her back was against the closed door.

“You drive me insane,” Derek murmured into her neck, his lips kissing their way up to her ear, where he bit at the lobe tugging sharply. A zing of pleasure shot through her; she hadn’t even realized that she was sensitive there.

“I aim to please,” She managed to breathe out, her hands came up to tug at his shirt, she wanted it off. Wanted her hands on his skin. “Get this off, now.”

Derek stepped back and toed his shoes off at the same time he shrugged out of his shirt. Stiles had already dropped her purse, but she threw her jacket off and was stalking her way forward, not waiting for him to make his way back to her.

“You’re a gorgeous bastard,” She managed to kiss him again, she had so many things she wanted to try. “You make me want to bite you.”

Derek raised his brows at her, amusement shining through his lust, “And I’m the ridiculous one.”

“You are,” Stiles said, running her hand over his chest, enjoying the silky-smooth heat of his skin. “With your face and your body and your stupid smile.”

“I’m not sure if I should be insulted or not,” Derek tilted his head and looked down at her.

“Think about it later,” Stiles suggested leaning up and biting him on the chin like she’d wanted to do when she’d first seen him, then she moved up to press her lips over his. Her hands slid up his chest and around his neck until they’d found their way into his hair.

She felt his hands settle on her hips, grip and then lift her. He didn’t even break the kiss, he slid one hand down to ruck her skirt up from where it had restricted her movement, and then she had her legs wrapped around his waist.

They pulled back from the kiss to gasp for a breath, and Derek started to walk down a hall, “I want you in my bed, spread out on my sheets.”

“Ah,” Stiles gasped as he bit and then sucked a mark on her neck. “I want your cock and more of your mouth, Jesus Fucking Christ!” she felt her eyes roll back as he pressed her up against the wall next to a door and sucked behind her ear.

When he pulled away, she felt dazed and she knew her pussy was soaked, she couldn’t remember ever feeling this turned on. She adjusted her grip to his face and met his eyes, his pupils were blown wide, from what she could see in the dim lights of the hall.

“You are going to take me to bed and then I’m going to get a chance to get my mouth and hands on you too,” She kissed him hard, biting at his lip harshly only to follow with her tongue. “It’s only fair.”

“Well, if it’s fair,” He said panting, he adjusted his grip more firmly on her ass and swung into the room next to them. “I’m all about being fair.”

He didn’t toss her on the bed as she’d expected but laid her down as if she were something–not quite fragile, but near enough. He stepped back to take off his jeans and she sat up to get rid of the rest of her clothes and the shoes she’d forgotten about at the door.

She’d gotten down to her panties when he was back on the bed with her. His hands stopped her.

“Let me,” He said sliding his fingers along the edges of the silky fabric and then over her pussy, pressing those thick fingers against her. The silk dampened further. “So wet sweetheart.” He finally slid the panties down her legs, his lips following their path leaving a trail of biting kisses.

He tossed them to the side and made his way back up her body, his mouth on hers. He kissed her soft and sweet as his hands came up to cup her breasts, his thumbs brushing over the nipples. Her body arched into his, where he hovered over her, anchoring her but not holding her down.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” She cried when he moved down and put his mouth on one of her breasts, his teeth nipping at one of her nipples giving just that right amount of pain to her pleasure. She felt her stomach muscle tighten and her pussy clench, “Derek, more, I want more, give it to me.”

“You’re very greedy sweetheart,” He said, sounding as breathless as she was, his hair a mess from her hands.

The only light came from the lamp on his dresser across the room, which threw shadows across them both, but she could see his face well enough. He looked as dazed by her as she felt by him.

“I’ve always been,” Stiles agreed with a nod, “Now give me more or I’m going to take things into my own hands.”

Derek huffed a laugh, leaned up to give her a quick and sharp kiss before moving down her body. He kissed and nipped at her ribs, causing her to giggle before moving on to her stomach and then skipping over her pussy he spread her legs and sat back on his thighs.

“You’re gorgeous,” He said with wonder in his voice as he looked down at her, his fingers trailed up her thighs to her stomach and then down to dip into her, she moaned arching up as he slid a finger in her. “Oh no, not yet. I want to taste you first, remember?” He slid his fingers away and brought them to his mouth, slipping them inside. She watched his eyes close as he seemed to savor the taste of her on his tongue and felt herself clench again.

“Derek, goddamnit,” She refused to beg, but she could quite get herself to order. “Do something.”

He opened his eyes and looked down at her, a smile curled slowly over his face causing the fire in her to burn even hotter. “Hold on sweetheart.”

He positioned himself on the bed with his arms under her hips and tilted her hips up just slightly. Leaning down he licked into her pussy and she had a minute to be grateful that she’d been waxed just this week before all thought outside Derek’s mouth flew out of her head.

Stiles tossed her head back and forth on the bed, stars sparkled in her vision as the silk of Derek’s tongue sent her to heights of pleasure, she’d never known were possible. Her finger clenched at the bedspread on either side of her since she could grip Derek’s head from this angle.

“Oh fuck, I can’t,” She moaned trying to thrust her hips, but with the way he held her she could move them, which only made the heat cycle higher in her core. “I can’t Derek, please. I need–”

“Yes, you fucking can, come on Stiles, come on baby, let go,” His voice was rough and greedy, filled with heat and need. “Let me taste you coming on my tongue.”

He put his mouth back on her and Stiles swore he was ruining her for anyone else with that mouth, that tongue. His tongue flicked over her clit and she felt herself shudder, the sparkles turning to starbursts.

“Derek, fuck, fuck…” She felt her pussy throb and clench, her chest heave and her mind blank. Pleasure washed over her in a wave of white-hot sensation, she didn’t know pleasure could feel like this.

Stiles blinked a few times and found herself looking up into Derek Hale’s smug face, “Ugh, put that away,” She lifted her hand and drew him in, kissing him, obviously startling him as he barely caught himself before he fell over her. “It’s my turn now.”

“I’m all yours,” Derek smirked at her rolling over onto his back with his hands behind his head.

Stiles sat up, still a little shaky from her orgasm but feeling delightfully achy from it and wanting more. She moved over towards him, “Condoms?”

“Here,” He rolled over and dug in the nightstand drawer pulling out a box, handing it to her.

She squinted at the box in the dim light making out the expiration date. She nodded to herself before pulling out a couple and inspecting the packaging. Once she was happy, she tossed the box to the side and looked back at Derek. He was laughing quietly at her.


“Are you always this thorough?” He asked, eyes sparkling as he reached out to pull her closer.

“It doesn’t hurt to make sure of things, that’s all,” Stiles sniffed, leaning down and kissing him to change the subject.

She moved from his lips to explore the rest of his body, using her hands, her mouth, and her teeth. She paid careful attention to his reactions, filing them away for later study as she made her way down to his cock. She studied it a minute before wrapping her hand around it and gave an experimental slide.

“Fuck,” Derek said on a long-drawn-out groan, his hips twitching in an aborted thrust.

Stiles wanted to take him in her mouth right then, but she grabbed one of the condoms from the bed, opening it, she slid it on. Then she took the head of his cock in her mouth, and while the flavor of the condom wasn’t great, the reactions from Derek more than made up for it.

“Stiles, fucking hell,” Derek said with reverence, hips twitching and when she glanced up, he’d stacked the pillows under his head. He was staring down at her intently, eyes sparking with need. “Fuck, you’re beautiful.”

Stiles kept a hand wrapped around the base of his cock and began to suck, swirling her tongue, and humming a little as she went.

“You look so good like that,” Derek muttered, “But you looked so pretty in the club, didn’t even notice every guy in there looking at you. I wanted you the minute I saw you. Didn’t think you’d even give me a chance but look at you. You tasted so good; I can’t wait to get my mouth on you again. Fuck me, you’re so good at this.”

Stiles was amused at the way Derek babbled above her and flattered by his lack of filtered comments. She moved her other hand down to roll his balls in her fingers, then moved to press up behind them.

“Wait, you need…stop.” Derek reached down suddenly and gently pulled her off him, lifting her in a movement that found her in his lap staring at him

She was startled. “What was that?”

“You are too good at that,” Derek said panting for breath, he reached down and took the condom off, throwing it in the trashcan next to the bed. “I want to be inside that pussy of yours tonight unless you have any other ideas and that isn’t going to happen if you keep doing that.”

Stiles sucked in a breath when he leaned in and kissed behind her ear, obviously having figured it out as her weak spot, “Good idea–mmm–yes.”

“How do you want it?” Derek asked, brushing her hair back over her shoulder.

Stiles thought about it and then smirked at him, “I want to ride you,” She said as she watched his eyes widen before he closed them on a groan.

“You are a wicked woman,” He said, lifting her from his lap and handing her another condom before he settled himself against the headboard.

Stiles laughed, “I’m learning to be one.”

She slipped the new condom on him before straddling him, he held himself steady as she lowered herself onto his cock. Stiles’ head fell back as he filled her–thick and long.

“So good, so full,” She moaned once she was fully seated in his lap, his hands were on her hips holding her steady, his knees had come up to balance behind her.

She leaned over, placing her hands on his chest. Feeling him shift inside her, she shuddered and moaned, “Fuck you feel good.”

“Fuck, you too,” He agreed, rolling his hips up to meet her.

She began to move, slowly at first, figuring out a rhythm, then she let herself go. Faster and faster, she went, sparks of fire racing through her. One of Derek’s hands left her hip to cup her breast pinching her nipple. Pleasure caused her to arch and shudder under his hands as she rode him.

“Fuck, Derek,” She cried out her mind hazy with lust. “Give me more.”

“Greedy,” Derek groaned but slipped his hand down to pinch at her clit, sending her up and over.

“Derek, Fuck!”

Stiles shuddered, the fire of her orgasm burning through her, and Derek turned them until she was on her back. He thrust into her, as her orgasm slowly faded, leaving her lax for a bare moment before it began to build again.

“Stiles, damn it,” He leaned down kissing her messy and wonderful. “You’re so tight, so wet for me. You feel fucking fantastic, you’re so beautiful riding me, under me, all around me.”

Stiles got her hands back up over his shoulders and into his hair, even as her body pulled her towards another peak. She moaned against his mouth.

“Yes, come on sweetheart,” Derek said, tearing his mouth from hers, “Come on my cock again, fuck baby. You’re so fucking sweet for me.”

“Derek, oh god, Derek,” Stiles felt herself clenching around him, she brought her legs up to wrap around his waist, thrusting her hips up to meet him as the pleasure built steady and strong.

“Go on, come for me, one more time Stiles,” Derek demanded through gritted teeth thrusting steadily, he got a hand down between them and began to move over her clit.


The orgasm rolled over her in waves, one after another, it felt like they would never stop. She vaguely felt her legs fall to the bed as her body shuddered with pleasure.

“Stiles, fuck!” Derek thrust a few more times before shuddering hard against her, finally slumping over her, catching himself, and rolling to the side.

“Derek,” She sighed . Her eyes fluttered open, and turned her head to look at him. “Hmm”

Derek laughed, he got up and turned off the lamp “Yeah.” He maneuvered them both under the covers, tossing the throw blanket that had been on top to the floor. “Stay the night, I’ll make breakfast?”

Stiles wondered if this was the way these things were supposed to go but decided she didn’t care, “Yeah, okay.”

“I know a great place for dinner too if you’re interested?”

Stiles rolled over and looked at Derek in the moonlight coming in the windows and saw he looked nervous, “Really?”

“Yeah, if you’re interested?”

“Just dinner?”

“Well, for tomorrow,” Derek said, shrugging, “I thought I might take you to that street fair on Main in a couple of weeks. If you’re interested?”

“Derek,” Stiles said, not sure what to say past that as she lay naked in the man’s bed, but the sex had been great, and she did like him. “Sure dinner, the fair–we’ll see how it goes.”

“You like roses, right?” Derek asked sleepily, “You seem like the type to like roses.”

“Yes, I like roses,” Stiles said, suddenly amused.

“Good,” Derek said, pulling her into his arms. “Good, I want to eat you out again in the morning.”

He made a soft sound and Stiles realized he was asleep; she huffed a laugh.

This would be interesting, Stiles thought as she drifted off, but it might be fun and if tonight were any indication, she’d get some great sex out of it.


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