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Hello from my drafty castle library and by that I mean what used to be the reading corner of my bedroom and is now where I have cobbled together a writing setup so familiar to those working from home in this time of quarantine.

Despite the lack of fiction on my site as of yet, I have been toiling away at things and have quite a few things in progress. Mostly I have been down the well of the Teen Wolf fandom, but I have a couple of WIPs in Harry Potter, MCU, and NCIS going on, as well as one or two in The Hobbit.

So there is plenty of fic in my notebook that will be coming to the site soon:

I have the first draft Quantum Bang with an alpha reader and am waiting to get some feedback on it and then I’ll go from there.

I’ve signed up for Every Fandom Bangs and have a couple ideas for that fic that I’m playing around with. One is actually halfway finished with its first draft, the other is still in the note stage. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m flirting with the idea of doing Rough Trade in April. I need to decide if that will stress me out or if it will challenge me in a good way.

Last year my goal was to write again. I think I accomplished that. I joined NaNo and I won it, not just writing 50k, but finishing the story I was writing. I haven’t edited that monster yet, but it is in my project files. I also took a deep breath and plunged when I signed up for the QB. I wrote and finish the rough draft for that.

This year my goals are much the same. I am going to continue to focus on my writing. I am going to continue to challenge myself to become the best writer I can be. I’m also going to keep learning to tell people no.

No, you can’t make me feel inferior.

No, I won’t move aside for you.

No, your opinion wasn’t asked for and therefore isn’t wanted.


It isn’t an easy word for me to say. Especially when it comes to my writing. I write to make me happy and if I’m pleasing everyone else, well that doesn’t make me happy, now does it.

So, I’m going to keep building my castles up here in the clouds and writing my words down.

Take care and be safe,

~ Sibyl

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